São Tomé and Príncipe was planting and harvesting sugarcane at the end of the XV’s century. It was the first and only plantation even before cacao and coffee. Today the sugarcane is famous for the national artisanal drink Aguardente. It is a strong drink like the Brazilian Cachaça, made from the fermentation of the juice of the fruit and distillation. It is commun in the countryside and used as remédio to cure deseases when infused with medicinal plants. Sublime Liberation is the most know and only company to do rhum arrangé in the island known as Rhumerie Pico Mocambo. Melting one type of local herb, spice or fruit, applying the secret recipe so to get a Sublime drink to share with family and friends. We have the honor to present you our first Special Edition – Sublime & Vanilha, Vanilla Rum from São Tomé You will be surprise by its caramel tone and shining amber color contrasting with the dark bean collocated inside.

Le résultat ? Naturellement, Sublime !


Also Available in 350mL size

Rhum vanille Vanilha 350ml
To be found for sale at the Vanilha Factory and other shops in the city center: 90 graus, Camões, Ossobo, Qua Tela, aeroporto.