Have you ever tasted the rarest vanilla in the world?

São Tomé and Príncipe is one of the smallest country in the world. Those 2 islands in the middle of Guinean Gulf, West Africa, lay on Latitude 0° and almost on Longitude 0°. 2/3 of the country is wild forest protected by a natural parc called Obô and only 5% of the islands is urbanized. Equatorial weather, dense vegetation and volcanic shaped provide excellent conditions to grow Vanilla Planifolia. The vanilla beans from São Tomé and Principe distinguish themselves for their average range of 16-24cm, full-bodied aromas with notes of candied-dry fruit, chocolate and caramel.
São Tomé et Principe paysage mer
Pollinisation fleur de vanille São Tomé et Principe


Observing the disappearance of vanilla crops in the country, we were keen to revalorize this spice and share this rare vanilla with the world.
Each vanilla from one region of the world to another is different, our objective is to discover the most suitable preparation to sublimate the unique cocoa aromas of this vanilla and make you discover it.

An exceptional vanilla

We are the first Laboratory of Vanilla Transformation of the island and we stick to the Bourbon method. This process used in Madagascar is a combination of various steps: termal shock, fermentation and drying sessions and a long-term curing in wooden box. Supported by technological tools and scientific approaches, we perform a daily quality control. We give the beans all the time they need to increase and develop their complex aroma, composed of a combination of 150 enzymes.