« There are not two similar Vanillas. Like cocoa or coffee, the terroir and transformation process define the flavours and quality »
- Juliette Dohar, Co-founder
producteur de vanille
vanille plantation
affinage vanille

Organic Vanilla Farmers​

picked at optimum ripeness​

A meticulous process ​

Organic Vanille from São Tomé

Discover the vanilla from the islands of the middle of the world, with intense aromas of cocoa.

Our Laboratory of Vanilla

Wishing to discover the secret of the vanilla of these islands, We have created this work and observation space, “Vanilha Factory” located in Pema-Pema, São Tomé.

La Vanillerie

An urban plantation on a human scale where we observe the evolution of plants: leaves, roots, growth, water needs, adaptability, production and more.


In order to highlight these incredible chocolate aromas, it took us several years of tests and analyzes carried out in this space set up for processing.
Usine vanilha São Tomé

Vanilha Products

Vanilha products are made from our production of organic vanilla, from São Tomé and Principe.
Available at the Vanilha Factory, São Tomé and other shops in the city center.